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What is Biological Dentistry?

Written by prositesdentalFeb 27 • 5 minute read

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A biological dentist puts into consideration, the body, mind, and soul of a patient before he or she begins treatment of any sort. Biological dentistry also makes sure that there is effective maintenance of the mouth in patients, which they call the gateway to every other part of the body. All the teeth have a connection with the rest of the body, and biological dentists have strived to make proof of this ideology that they have. Therefore biological dentists hope to establish the fact that the teeth have a connection with every other part of the body.

When you hear the word biological dentistry used in the medical field, this is not a way to make people think that there is a new and unique kind of dentistry that people have not been exposed to yet. However, this term is used to describe a type of dentistry that anyone can apply to every side of dental practice and the health of human beings in general. This means that biological dentistry is a philosophy that is used to describe a type of dentistry that cares about the biological facets of people, and their health in general. As a patient with one or two dental issues, the best type of dentistry for you would be the biological dentistry because it makes sure that your dental, mental and physical health is in check before you leave the walls of a hospital. Also, as a patient that aims to have a fast and effective dental care in the hospital, you should critically consider going for biological dentistry, as it is less toxic, and does not make use of artificial materials to treat people’s dental health. One of the aims of a biological dentist is to see his or her patient attain all-around health that will help the person stay fit at all times, rather than focusing alone on the dental care of the patient. By the use of distinctions, biological dentistry can afford to reduce drastically the impact that biological responses have majorly on patients. This goal-driven initiative is to make sure that the well-being of patients is put at a top priority no matter what. Therefore, biological dentists will make use of this opportunity to make dentistry better and more fulfilling for patients.

The organization that supports and spearhead’s biological dentists, scientists, researchers, and physicians are known as The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT). This organization believes without a doubt that biocompatibility in patients is one of the essential things in a human’s life and they firmly believe that critics who think wrongly of the biological dentistry world must have a piece of scientific evidence to back it up. Anything relating to biological dentistry has the power to cut across all topics in the medical world, and this is why this type of dentistry is broad to study, as it touches every part of medicine and dental care. The people, who present themselves in the medical world as biological scientists, believe that the mouth is an integral part of the entire body, and as such, everything that goes into the body comes from the mouth. This is why they also believe that when taking care of the mouth which has the gums and teeth, you should also take good care of the body because whatever has affected the mouth most likely will change the body. Now that we have established the fact that biological dentistry is one of the best types of dentistry let us move on to discuss some basic terms in biological dentistry to help people understand better what this type of dentistry stands for.

Dental Mercury

There are two main scientific shreds of evidence to prove that the mercury released from amalgam comes in a significant quantity, and it helps with exposure for people with fillings. Also, this evidence has proved beyond a doubt that when patients are exposed to chronic mercury, from the quantity released from the amalgam, this is powerful enough to cause physiological damage in patients. The dentists who perform the amalgam fillings in patients have had to go through various criticisms from other dentists because they let their patients come in contact with a high dose of mercury, whenever they are trying to grind the old fillings out of the mouth. However, the dentists who do not make use of any form of mercury are the ones who have full knowledge of the kind of harm that mercury poses to the body. With all these problems of patients being exposed to too much mercury, which will bring only damage to their bodies, biological dentists have been able to produce scientific backings to show that there is a way to reduce drastically, to the lowest point the exposure of mercury to patients. This is also something that all dentists in the medical field should learn about, to save patients from all harm and setbacks when it comes to their physiological health.

In addition to these opportunities that patients are liable to under biological dentists, it has also been proved to a great extent that biological dentists are one of the most concerned and resourceful doctors in the medical field who do not engage in anything that does not have scientific backing.

Still talking about the problem mercury is posing in the society; the wastewater management is all over dentists’ case, as they believe that dentists are the primary sources of mercury pollution in wastewater. This means that to the extent that this wastewater does not think in any way that amalgam has a stable unit and is not capable of breaking down. This is why some judicial actions are in place to make sure that dentists who make use of mercury have a separate wastewater line or pipe. For a long time, the benefits and impact that dental mercury has on the society have been under research by the IAOMT since the year 1984.

Clinical Nutrition

How low or high the nutritional status is in a patient affects the patient’s ability to either heal or not heal. The detoxification from biological processes is mostly dependent on the support it gets from nutrition. This means that for a patient to recover effectively, he or she has to have a high nutritional capacity. Although the IAOMT does not buy the idea that dentists are becoming nutritional dentists, however appreciating the impact that nutrition has on all spheres of dentistry is relevant to biological dentistry. This is why all dentists must all be familiar with the techniques and the problems they will face when they try to reduce the toxicity that comes with the exposure of mercury.


The science from public health has not been able to verify that the effect water fluoridation on children’s teeth is in existence. Although, there have been statements from the public relating to this notion, which has brought about a widespread belief amongst a vast majority of the people. However, there has been a lot of proof to show that the effect from fluoride when it accumulates in a human body is devastating to the physiological parts of the human body. However, the IAOMT has not relented its promise always to proffer updates on the level at which the exposure of fluoride can be related to sources or researches from science.

Root Canals

The public generally has a problem with the way root canals are treated in treatments, and this has often sparked up a controversy. However people want to know if the origin is embedded in the population of microbes, and whether it has a technique of keeping it away from infection. Also, the IAOMT has worked tirelessly to make sure that they understand how the bacterial organisms form into anaerobic, to produce a high voltage of toxic waste products, which usually comes out of the tooth when saliva comes in contact with it.

The Dentists of the 21st Century

In the old centuries, the only way to restore dental health to a person was through the use of amalgam and gold, which was used on aesthetic materials like the tooth. The biological dentists of this time found it very hard to complete their dental missions and create segregation for biological dentistry as well. However, in recent years, biological dentists have found it easy to perform their duties in a non-toxic way and a friendly environment. There are various ways that a dentist can work, but biological dentists only believe that they should work with materials and make use of techniques and methods. This is why if a dentist chooses to go with biocompatibility, such a person need to know that he or she will have to practice effective dentistry. This is because biological dentists only strive to provide patients with safe health, which concerns every part of their bodies, and not just their teeth or gums alone.

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