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What is Biological Dentistry?

A biological dentist puts into consideration, the body, mind, and soul of a patient before he or she begins treatment of any sort. Biological dentistry also makes sure that there is effective maintenance of the mouth in patients, which they call the gateway to every other part of the body. All the teeth have a […]

Written by prositesdentalFeb 27 • 5 minute read

What is Oil Pulling, And Does It Actually Work?

Oil pulling as we know it today has been around for thousands of years and originated in ancient India as an Ayurvedic practice used for “purifying” the body by “pulling” toxins out through the gums and mouth using oil as an adsorption (pulling) medium. Right off the bat, you are probably skeptical, and rightly so. […]


Written by prositesdentalFeb 2 • 4 minute read

When Cavities Strike – Top Natural Remedies to Slow the Growth of Cavities

The worst has happened. You’ve looked in the mirror and noticed the formation of a small cavity on one or more of your teeth, but you can’t afford to visit the dentist right away for one reason or another. What do you do now? While visiting the dentist to have the cavity properly treated is […]


Written by prositesdentalDec 31 • 4 minute read

Holistic Dentistry: A Natural Approach to Dental Health

Holistic dental care is an alternative approach to dentistry which considers your overall health as it relates to your dental health. A holistic dentist may ask you questions about your emotions, well-being, diet and exercise patterns and habits, and other things you might not think of as being related to the health of your teeth. […]


Written by prositesdentalDec 31 • 4 minute read

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