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How Dental Homecare Benefits Social Six Teeth

Written by prositesdentalFeb 27 • 3 minute read

The “social six” teeth refer to the top front 6 teeth in your mouth. When people are talking, these teeth are always visible. Sometimes the front 8 to 10 teeth can show as well. Taking care of your teeth at home (and at the dentist) is vital for maintaining a nice and healthy social six!

When we communicate with others, the way that our teeth look is very important. Having a great smile helps to build confidence and can reduce self-consciousness. Our teeth have other functions beyond just cosmetics of course. Teeth assist in chewing, forming words and speech, and increasing or decreasing air flow inside of the mouth. In fact, when a child is born; he or she cannot talk properly because of the absence of the teeth.

Social Six Importance

Due to the fact that at least the top 6 teeth in our mouths are prominent when we are speaking, it is very important to keep them clean and healthy. Unfortunately, because they are in the front of the mouth, they can become stained over time from food. It is easier to keep teeth that are out of the way cleaner because they are not exposed as much.

Stained teeth can cause a loss in confidence and can be harmful to the social well-being of the person.

There are various ways to treat stained teeth and keep it from leading to bad breath, which is evidence that a person has not been taking good care of his or her teeth. This problem can stem from inadequate care of the teeth in terms of routine hygiene. Also, you may experience bad breath if using tobacco or other drugs.

One common condition that can cause damage to teeth is teeth-grinding. This occurs when the upper and lower teeth rub together.

How To Maintain A Good Social Six

Here are a few ways to keep the social six teeth healthy and good from the comfort of your own home:

  • Teeth Whitening: This is the process of improving the whiteness of your teeth through use of various different products. Over a period of time, you will begin to notice changes in how white your teeth appear (in particular the social six). Depending on the current shade of your teeth, you may need to have more whitening sessions or treatments before you notice strong results. We encourage you to stick with this though as the results are worth it in the end for your confidence.
  • Adjust your diet: It is no secret that having a diet full of sugary and unhealthy food is bad for your teeth. Not only can it leave your teeth stained but it can lead to tooth decay. Adjusting your diet can be a huge benefit to your overall oral health. Try foods like yogurt, apples, vegetables and cheese. Foods that are high in calcium and protein will help to strengthen your enamel.
  • Oil Pulling: Oil pulling is the process of swishing oil around in your mouth. It is said to remove the bacteria in your mouth (which eventually leads to plaque). This plaque then will cause your teeth to look yellow. There is no scientific evidence that oil pulling will definitely whiten your teeth, however, it is effective for reducing bacteria in the mouth. Also, because this is a safe practice, it is worth a try to help improve your social six.

These are just a few of the things you can do in order to have a nicer looking and healthier social six. Lastly, it is important to remember that the oral health of all of your teeth are important, not just these six.

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